Alison has been a core member of the team at CEC Global since its inception. As Head of Client Service and Operations, Alison is responsible for all the administrative, operational and financial management processes that enable our coaches to deliver the highest quality coaching engagements and solutions to clients.

With strong project and people management skills from her previous career leading the investigation & management of major crime and covert intelligence operations in the U.K, Alison has a proven track record of operating in highly pressurized and regulated working environments. 

Following her move from the U.K to U.S.A in 2015, Alison changed careers to provide operational management for Tennyson Group, a company providing training, development and coaching services. This experience, combined with her problem-solving abilities, leadership skills, and ability to build and sustain relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders, is invaluable to CEC and our clients alike.



Alison enjoyed a successful career with the U.K. police force, joining as a cadet and rising through a series of promotions to Detective Chief Inspector. During her career she was awarded two Chief Constable Commendations and a Quality of Service Award for her achievements.

In 2004, Alison was appointed as Head of Special Branch, an executive appointment which required a high level of security clearance, with responsibility for managing extremely sensitive covert intelligence operations in line with legal and ethical obligations.

Following this, in 2009, Alison was seconded to the U.K. government’s Home Office where she managed experienced investigators and analysts in the field of national security. In this role, Alison developed new and innovative methods to approach strategic intelligence collection and analysis, including implementing and monitoring the tactical response to handling a high volume of intelligence throughout the London Olympics 2012.




Alison Cairns

  • Lumina Spark Practitioner
  • Mastering QuickBooks Level 1
  • National Joint Intelligence Group
  • Covert Law Enforcement Manager
  • National Controller
  • Senior Investigating Officer
  • Police Manager
  • Criminal Investigation
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